Brain Injury Discussion Group


The Brain Injury Discussion Group meets once a month to focus on one aspect of brain injury. The topic can be wide and varied and has included things like Memory, Confidence, Relationships, Work, and Personal Goals. People involved will come along and share their experiences with each other. We use a mixture of short activities and discussion. One of our main rules we have agreed on in the group is that one person speaks at a time- to give everyone a fair chance to be heard.

The Group is open to Carers and People with Brain Injury and for most of the meeting we meet in two separate rooms so that there can be confidential discussion.

The group attendance is usually between 10 and 15 people each month.

We meet on the Second Thursday of each month between 7pm and 9pm. If you are interested in getting involved contact us on , or phone us on 0141 332 8878.




Information, support and activities for people with a brain injury and their families.