Art Group

Headway Glasgow Art Group is a group for all abilities. On any day you will find someone model making, others sketching, painting with acrylic, perhaps even painting with their feet. We use a wide range of materials giving everyone the opportunity to find what suits them best and also ways of working that suit each individual. Art therapy aims to increase awareness and personal development in a safe, relaxing and non-threatening environment. The benefits of art therapy include improvements in motor skills, sensory stimulation such as improvements in visual and tactile processing and overall emotional well-being. It helps with cognitive skills including attention to detail, judgment and memory. It aids with self-expression and providing individuals with an important form of non-verbal communication.

An example is that an individual with a brain injury may have a loss of fine motor skills. They may have a hard time opening and closing their hand and would benefit from moulding clay. Art offers a variety of opportunities to redevelop these skills.

The group is very welcoming and encouraging. Many arrive saying that they have done no art since school which is a good place to start from as those are probably the people who are most surprised by their progress.

Please contact Annette if you would like to join us.

Here are some examples of work by members of our Art Group which is updated regularly. Click on an image to zoom in and use the arrows to scan through the other pictures.


Information, support and activities for people with a brain injury and their families.