New Headway Art Group

We are in the process of setting up a new Headway Art Group.

This group will work differently to our current group- it would be a series of 5 or 6 sessions focusing on one thing (e.g. collage, printing, painting, drawing).

At the end of the series of sessions people can sign up for further sessions, but the waiting list would be managed so that new people always get priority. The group will only be open to people not in the afternoon Art Group. This would mean that there would be a regular turnover of people in the group.

The room used will be on the ground floor of the building.

If you are interested sign up with us now- there will be a limited number of places in the group each time it runs.

The first series of sessions will be on the idea of Collage. 

It will start on March 15th and run on Thursday mornings.

Sign up now by emailing me at

Research into self compassion. Win £50!!

We received this email which I wanted to share with you- it’s on an interesting research project about self compassion after brain injury. You also have the opportunity to win £50 if you complete it.

Dear Headway Glasgow

I am a third year clinical psychology doctorate student at the University of Liverpool and I am currently in the recruitment stage of my thesis. My project is exploring the relationship between self-compassion and emotional distress in people with lived experience of traumatic brain injury. The study is an online questionnaire so can be available to people nationwide. There is also a prize draw for all participants who complete the study in which 10 people will win a £50 voucher which will be emailed to them.

I was wondering if this is something your group would be happy to share on your social media and/or possibly email to potentially interested parties?

I have recently been in touch with Headway UK who have approved this project and are happy for me to be contacting the independent groups.

If you would like to share this on social media or email it out to potentially interested parties, the link for the live questionnaire is here> CLICK

Thanks in anticipation, 

Cerian Jackson

Trainee Clinical Psychologist

University of Liverpool


Information, support and activities for people with a brain injury and their families.