Volunteer Training Sessions

volunteerWe are about to start some training for potential new volunteers.
We have various roles for volunteers in most of our groups. You can see the full list of groups on this page here: https://headwayglasgow.wordpress.com/activities-general/
At the bottom of this post I will include a example role description for volunteers in the Monday or Wednesday Group.
The three sessions of volunteer training are planned for:
  • Tuesday 11th July at 6pm Topic: Brain Injury Awareness
  • Tuesday 18th July at 6pm Topic: Epilepsy, Health and Safety
  • Tuesday 25th July at 6pm Topic: Boundaries and Volunteering

The sessions will last between 1.5-2 hours and the venue is Headway Glasgow’s office: The Renfield Centre, 260 Bath Street ,Glasgow.

Once you have completed the training sessions we would aim to complete the rest of the recruitment (an application form and 2 references), and then hopefully get you started with volunteering.

We will have a certificate prepared for anyone who completes the volunteer training with us.
If you are interested in attending the training to become a group volunteer please contact Simon@headwayglasgow.org

Example Role Description

Volunteer Role Description- Brain Injury Group Work Volunteer

Task:              To meet with people in Headway Glasgow, build trusting relationships, and encourage them to interact socially (e.g. talking with people, playing games, running a relaxation session)

Hours:            Around 4 Hours each week.

Location:       At Headway Glasgow activities (normally Renfield St Stephen’s Church Centre but may be elsewhere.)

Responsible to:  Simon Glen, Project Co-ordinator.

Training:        Induction on the key aspects of Health and Safety.

Ongoing Training on relevant topics.

Expenses:    Out of pocket expenses paid, plus travelling expenses or mileage rate.

Support and Supervision:  Will be provided regularly and as required.

Key Skills:     Outgoing nature, interest in other people, ability to listen, sensitivity.

The group sessions currently run on two days- Monday and Wednesday afternoons 1.30-4pm. The key tasks of the group are:

  • Preparation– preparing an activity for the group (usually agreed beforehand)
  • Setting up– moving the furniture around, getting signs up, bringing tea and coffee out, distributing information leaflets (if needed).
  • Welcoming– saying hello to people, catching up with them, making any new people feel at ease by including them in discussions or activity.
  • Running Activities– group activities, group games, one to one games, tournaments, quizzes, discussions, newsletter, planning etc.
  • Following up– following up things that people are interested in (getting information, making contact with someone about a service, pointing people in the right direction).
  • One to one contact– There will be regular one to one contact with you and service users as you build trusting relationships with people.
  • Saying Cheerio– almost as important as welcoming- making sure you say cheerio and maybe finding out when the person is in next, what plans they have before the next session.
  • Tidying up– furniture, leaflets, games, tea and coffee, making a note of anything that needs to be done.
  • Feedback– take time to say how you felt about the drop in group, and get feedback on how you were from others.

The Way Ahead – The Annual Headway UK Conference

Headway UK are holding their annual conference, ‘The Way Ahead’ at Yarnfield Park, Stone, England (not far from Stoke-on-Trent) from 30th June – 2nd July . The cost of the weekend is £130 which includes food and accommodation. There will be various talks, workshops and entertainment, not to mention the opportunity to meet other folk from different Headway groups across the UK.

There is also the opportunity to apply for a bursary so if you are interested in going, please contact me as soon as possible on amy@headwayglasgow.org or by phoning the office on 0141 332 8878 as places are going quickly!

More information can be found  below or by clicking the following link:

https://www.headway.org.uk/about-brain-injury/professionals/events-and-conferences/the-way-ahead/The Way Ahead 2017

Head Injury Information Day (HIID) 2017

The annual Head Injury Information Day (HIID), sponsored by Digby Brown, is held on Wednesday May 10th at the Doubletree by Hilton, Cambridge street, G2 3HN from 9-3.30pm. It’s a fantastic day full of information about brain injury (ABI) and local services. There will be guest speakers including professionals, various groups and members themselves, giving their perspective on different issues after ABI.

The event is FREE and open to people with an acquired brain injury, carers, family members and professionals with an interest in the field.  (Please note the change of venue from last year). Below is more information and a detailed outline of the day’s programme.

Hope to see you there!


‘Reunited’ by pandora

The following piece was written by Pandora, who attends the Writers Group and says ‘It was inspired by a black and white photo of a dog looking through a tiny hole in a stone wall’. Thank you for sharing. Just another example of the incredible talent in our groups!


by Pandora

I woke to the sound of a quad-bike, so I started howling again and used all my strength to reach up to the gap in the wall. I must have been stuck in there for over two days now because I had seen the changes in dark and light. My master and I had been out for our favourite walk up the hills at the back of our cottage. He was old now and so was I. I had become tired and had fallen behind him and I could not catch up. I had cried to him but he was a bit deaf now and his eyesight was failing. Perhaps he had not realised that I was not by his side any more.

This old ruin had been a good shelter from the wind and rain and I had fallen fast asleep. When I woke I found some scattered grains of animal feed and a bit of water in a bucket. I ate and drank what was left. I was so hungry, but I was trapped in there. Where I had come in there was now a wooden gate which try as I might I was not able to push open.

I heard the quad-bike stop and then footsteps. Thank goodness, I am saved, I thought and I continued howling. “Oh my! What a state you’re in! You’re coming with me”. I followed the farmer back to the farmhouse. It was comfortable and I was glad to rest. The farmer got the fire going and gave me a bowlful of food which I scoffed down. Then I collapsed beside the fire. The walk had exhausted me and now with a full stomach I fell fast asleep, right through to the next day.

The farmer was up early. He got his breakfast, gave me some and then I heard a vehicle coming up to the house. A woman came in.

“Hi Bill. Did you miss me? Oh, hello, aren’t you Auld John’s dog? Bill, wherever did you find him?”

“Mary, I thought John’s dog was long dead. I was out on the hills securing all the sheep pen gates. You know what it would be like with this wind that’s coming. We’d have gates strewn all over the place”

“I’ll take him out this afternoon to John. He’ll be missing him”

My master was so pleased to see me as I was to see him.

“Robbie! Where have you been? Thank you so much Mary. I’ve been looking for him but thought him lost”.

“You’re not looking so great John. When was the last time you had a proper meal? Tell you what, I’ll be going into town tomorrow to the butchers. I’ll come in on my way home and cook you a nice lunch”

Mary came back to John’s house the following day as she had promised. There was no answer at the door, but it was not in John’s habit to lock the door so she let herself in. Robbie was on John’s lap. The fire had long since gone out. The two of them, reunited had died in the night.