Young persons’ group

For a young person living with an acquired brain injury, making connections with other young people that understand the changes is an important part of recovery. The Young Persons’ Group was formed recently to provide much wanted support, information and access to social activities for survivors of acquired brain injury aged between 18 years and 30 years. It meets twice a month as either a social group for meals out, cinema screenings or just to try something new; or as a discussion group, which enables members to share experiences and issues related to being a younger person living with an acquired brain injury and to seek ways of overcoming challenges. Members are involved in planning sessions and as a peer support group. The group welcomes young people to join them in the journey to realising their potential.

young persons diag

“I feel comfortable with people my own age and having the group means I can socialise with people who understand my situation.”


“I like the group because it brings other young people together who understand what you are going through & you can express how to deal with things in daily life.”


The monthly discussion group is held at The Renfield Centre and the meeting point for the social group changes according to the activity.

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In memory of Rob Thomson and with many thanks to the Thomson Fundraisers who have made this group possible.


Information, support and activities for people with a brain injury and their families.